We want to create an environment of excellence that attracts talent to join our ecosystem, cultivates, and connects disruptive builders

If you are interested in joining our talented team, please submit your resumé.

At Alejandria we work hard to ensure that all the actors in our ecosystem have access to the best talent. As the world is evolving and growing at an exponential pace, it is vital to adapt to these changes. We believe that the demand for talent surpasses the supply and expect this to increase. As an ecosystem builder, we want to attract, retain, and cultivate talent to create a shared services model where stakeholders from the ecosystem can work with talented people to continue growing their purpose.

At Alejandria we attract exponential organizations whose mindset is aligned with our central purpose of building an educated, connected, and empowered society. We focus on attracting people who achieve results and can deliver excellence. These people should be thought leaders, proactive, and team players. We believe that talent is going to help push the boundaries of what can be made and aid to build a more educated, connected, and empowered world.

If you are interested in joining our talented team, please submit your resumé through LinkedIn.