The constant exchange of ideas within our ecosystem causes inevitable collision courses. We believe that learning and knowledge take place through the exchange of ideas. Alejandría’s ecosystem enters into constant collisions to continue building learning together and find intersections between members of the internal ecosystem.

At Alejandría we believe in disruption as the new norm. As in any ecosystem, constant collisions and energy flow allow us to grow organically through the spread of new ideas. We live in a time where technology is growing at such a pace that once innovative platforms have now become traditional and soon to be outgrown.

We believe common messaging apps, while effective and user-friendly, are a static form of unilateral communication. Important information such as announcements, events, links, and files are lost in long threads of text which only allow for one conversation at a time. We have found ourselves lost in an endless array of chats that we no longer use, filled with conversations that we once had.

A truly healthy and successful ecosystem deserves a constant flow of information where its many essential components are on a constant collision course. Therefore, we have chosen Discord as the digital representation of our ecosystem.