The role of teachers in educational innovation

Juan Manuel Lopera, born and raised in Medellin for 23 years, tells us how despite the fact that the violence in his neighborhood took the lives of several relatives during his childhood and was about to deviate him from the path of peace several times, it also gave him the perspective that today makes him the leader of a project that transforms education in the world with technology. Together with his team of more than 250 people and direct presence in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, and India, Juan Manuel has decided to believe that he can leave a mark on education even though for economic reasons he had to drop out of university when he just finished it. He began to be later recognized as Illustrious Bellanita during the 100 years of the municipality, a model businessman, Medellín Chamber of Commerce, declared the most outstanding young businessman in Antioquia, TOYP International Junior Chamber, an award for the most innovative company in the country two consecutive years, recognized with the order of knight of the congress of the Republic, TR35 of the MIT University as an innovator of the year and other important international recognitions for innovation and education.