Jay Wilgar

Jay’s career success is driven by a tenacious entrepreneurial spirit. He is motivated by the journey of building successful businesses – from the initial idea, bringing the concept to life by assembling a unified team of talented individuals, and ultimately, delivering value for investors. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier Business School, Jay developed a large-scale wind turbine business model in Ontario. In 2001, at just 26 years old, Jay founded Aim PowerGen Corp., an ambitious start-up company that became one of Canada’s largest wind turbine developers in just a few years. As the renewable energy industry continued to grow and evolve worldwide, Jay emerged as a thought leader who spearheaded progress in Ontario and throughout Canada. His hard work was recognized when his company was acquired by one of the most considerable power and energy corporations in the world. With Newstrike Brands, Jay was also at the forefront of the globally developing cannabis industry. Jay’s newest venture is Tre’dish Inc.

Peter Hwang

Peter is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of success in multiple sectors and disciplines. He has been a C-Level executive within public and private sectors for more than 20 years and also has vast corporate governance and capital markets expertise. By raising strategic capital during every stage of development and growth, he has led 4 of his own companies to successful exits. His experience in organizational design and team building has allowed him to lead large teams with core competencies in Strategic Planning, Operational/KPI Implementation, and Private Equity/M&A. Peter has established an Operator Sponsored funding and advisory firm with Nicoya Ventures Ltd. He will work with startups, and high-growth potential companies helping to fund and commercialize their businesses. Peter’s latest venture is Tre’dish Inc.

After a zigzag path of experimental physicist, quant trader, management consultant, and entrepreneur, these days, I am completely devoted to building Polymath Ventures: https://www.polymathv.com/. Polymath is the Venture Studio for Latin America.

We are a group of entrepreneurs building digital platforms to empower the middle-class.

Juan Carlos Guáqueta

Juan Carlos is a business entrepreneur and develops technologies for several industries (health, agriculture, tourism, construction, biotech) which have led to three patents in processes and gained recognition from institutions such as the US State Department, Banco Iberoamericano de Desarrollo, World Environment Center, MIT Technology Review, and others.​ He is also the Co-Founder of SingualrityU Latam, which focuses on the development of learning experiences that allow for the understanding of technologies, trends, and new models to create strategies in a simple way and for different levels in an organization. With a strong focus on the “personalization” of knowledge for the Latino context, SingularityU Latam develops technological experimentation retreats and diverse learning in hybrid models.